To be eligible to participate in the North American Whippet Racing Association Race Program, a Whippet must be individually registered to race as an adult, or litter registered to race as a puppy, by the American Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club, and a copy of such registration must be filed with the Association's Registrar-Recordkeeper, prior to being permitted to race. Individual registration shall be required to be filed with the Association's Registrar-Recordkeeper prior to a Whippet being first entered for adult racing.

You can pre-register your whippet for racing in NAWRA in one of two ways:

1) Scan a copy of your dog's AKC or CKC registration and e-mail that along with owner's name, address, phone number and email, and the dog's call name to:

Leanne Harrington,

Do not send any fees with your registration. A one time registration fee of $2.00 per dog will be collected by the host club when the Whippet enters its first adult race meet.

2) Give the race secretary a copy of the dog's registration papers and the registration fee on the day of the meet.

Once processed, all new registrations submitted to the Registrar-Recordkeeper are listed in the Unentered NAWRA Registry (FTE Registration Numbers); those whippets registered through a race secretary are noted in the grading guide update following the race meet; this document is dated and accessible from the NAWRA home page.


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